Client Examples

We work closely with a number of Licensees around the globe, helping them to successfully utilise the power of our content curation technology and become the news authority for their specific sector. Here are just a few examples:


African Exhibition NewsAEN

The Association Of African Exhibition Organisers (AAXO) has licensed our platform for the African Events & Conference sector in order to launch African Exhibition News.


Newsie Network

Newsie is a network of community-focused websites that focus on local towns in the UK, such as Tooting and Balham. The Newsie sitesas well as their supporting social media pages, have a very strong local following and are well-respected voices at the heart of their local communities.



The Vegfest ExpressThe Vegfest Express

Vegfest UK, the leading organiser and producer of Vegan events in the UK, licensed our technology in order to launch a ‘Global Vegan News Network‘ – The Vegfest Express.


Payments NewscentreMacbook-Payments

Our Licensee in the ‘Payments‘ sector licensed our technology exclusively for their niche area and launched Payments Newscentre.


Comics PRSScomics

Comics PRSS is a site that curates the leading Comics-related news, blogs and events, to serve the huge worldwide Comics community. The site as well as its supporting social media pages, has a growing and loyal readership of Comics enthusiasts from around the globe.


Ufology PRSSufology

Ufology PRSS curates the leading UFO-related news, blogs, videos and events, to serve the global Ufology community. The site as well as its supporting social media pages, has a large and very dedicated following of UFO devotees from all over the world.