What Is Content Curation?


Content curation is the process of carefully identifying, sorting through and selecting from the vast amounts of content on the web around a specific topic and sharing it with your audience in a way that is both helpful and insightful. The content curated can be any type of content found online, whether it be news feeds, blog posts, podcasts, videos, infographics or the latest social media posts.

What is key to effective content curation is the ‘human’ element – that an expert in the subject matter is the person researching and then collating the best quality content, before putting it into context and then publishing it, ensuring both its authenticity and relevancy for the particular audience it is being aimed at.

Curating content is one of the fastest, most effective and least time-consuming ways to ‘create’ new content and publish dynamic, relevant news. However, it is important that it is not the only content that a business or organisation publishes. Content curation needs to be balanced with unique content creation. Together they form a very powerful content ecosystem which can bring multiple benefits to the marketer.

Posted by Your PRSS — January 22, 2018