AAXO partners with Your PRSS to launch African exhibition news hub

The Association of African Exhibition Organisers (AAXO) has launched a news portal focusing on the African & Global exhibition sector.

aaxoPowered by Your PRSS, African Exhibition News (AEN) is an initiative by AAXO to help ‘showcase Africa’s exhibition potential, open new business channels for African stakeholders, and support international partnerships’.

Read the full press release about the launch of AEN on the AAXO website here.

Posted by Your PRSS — April 24, 2018

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Posted by Your PRSS — April 23, 2018

Thought Leadership: Stand Above The Industry Crowd



Positioning a business as a thought leader in its niche sector has become increasingly important as the era of online content and social media marketing has evolved.

As the number of channels through which an organisation can communicate to both its peers and its customers has increased, so the competitive environment has heated up, as businesses clamber over each other for recognition in their field.

Using these advances in technology in a clever and effective manner can enable a business to seize a hugely important competitive edge.

Content curation, done well and as part of a company’s overall content ecosystem, plays a vitally important role in helping a business to position itself at the very centre of it’s community, becoming the ‘industry editor’ and bringing enormous benefits with it.

Tina Dzurisin, in her blog post for the Business 2 Community site from earlier this year, entitled “The Value of Content Curation: Thought Leadership”, shared 3 main ‘basic’ pieces of advice that brands who are new to this fantastic marketing tactic, should keep in mind when curating content: Relevance, Insightfulness and Shareability.

Click here to read Tina’s article in full.

Posted by Your PRSS — January 23, 2018

What Is Content Curation?


Content curation is the process of carefully identifying, sorting through and selecting from the vast amounts of content on the web around a specific topic and sharing it with your audience in a way that is both helpful and insightful. The content curated can be any type of content found online, whether it be news feeds, blog posts, podcasts, videos, infographics or the latest social media posts.

What is key to effective content curation is the ‘human’ element – that an expert in the subject matter is the person researching and then collating the best quality content, before putting it into context and then publishing it, ensuring both its authenticity and relevancy for the particular audience it is being aimed at.

Curating content is one of the fastest, most effective and least time-consuming ways to ‘create’ new content and publish dynamic, relevant news. However, it is important that it is not the only content that a business or organisation publishes. Content curation needs to be balanced with unique content creation. Together they form a very powerful content ecosystem which can bring multiple benefits to the marketer.

Posted by Your PRSS — January 22, 2018

9 Good Reasons To Curate Content


Content Curation is a technique carried out by many of the most successful marketers on the web.

And with good reason. In fact, at least 9 Good Reasons! It can bring with it a multitude of benefits both for you and your business. Here are 9 of the most compelling rewards that effective Content Curation for your niche industry area can bring:

1)      Enhance your organisation’s standing in your sector, by providing the premier, one-stop news resource for your industry. By consistently curating, showcasing and sharing the very best, freshest and most relevant news stories for your market, you will position your brand at the very centre of your business community.

2)      Gain a much greater share of voice within your sector, by being seen as THE content curator for your industry. This will further your company’s influence and standing as both a thought leader and trusted authority.

3)      Reach out to and collaborate more effectively with all stakeholders within your industry – publishers, employees, employers, advertisers and service providers, by curating the best sector-specific content from across the web.

4)      Further both your own and your organisation’s learning, by consistently curating and talking about highly-relevant industry content.

5)      Seize a huge competitive advantage by becoming the ultimate ‘hub’ of industry knowledge.

6)      Capture attention, traffic and sales leads by standing out in today’s content-abundant market – if a potential customer sees your business at the very centre of your industry’s news, then there is a far greater likelihood that that’s where the sale will go. Content Curation is a great way to create an effective sales funnel and make the sale come to you.

7)      Deliver your own ideas and opinions to those that matter, by not only selecting the content to curate, but also through putting it into context by commenting on the latest industry developments.

8)      Numerous monetisation opportunities exist, by delivering this ultimate news resource through a platform that you control.

9)      Serve your audience and engage with them more regularly, by cutting through the mass of industry information available, providing clarity and a convenient way to digest all of this compelling content, all in one place.

Simple, effective and consistent curation, when served together with your own latest articles and commentary, creates a very powerful content ecosystem and is a marketing strategy that all businesses who wish to dominate their specific sectors should adopt.

Posted by Editor — January 21, 2018