Thought Leadership: Stand Above The Industry Crowd



Positioning a business as a thought leader in its niche sector has become increasingly important as the era of online content and social media marketing has evolved.

As the number of channels through which an organisation can communicate to both its peers and its customers has increased, so the competitive environment has heated up, as businesses clamber over each other for recognition in their field.

Using these advances in technology in a clever and effective manner can enable a business to seize a hugely important competitive edge.

Content curation, done well and as part of a company’s overall content ecosystem, plays a vitally important role in helping a business to position itself at the very centre of it’s community, becoming the ‘industry editor’ and bringing enormous benefits with it.

Tina Dzurisin, in her blog post for the Business 2 Community site from earlier this year, entitled “The Value of Content Curation: Thought Leadership”, shared 3 main ‘basic’ pieces of advice that brands who are new to this fantastic marketing tactic, should keep in mind when curating content: Relevance, Insightfulness and Shareability.

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Posted by Your PRSS — January 23, 2018